Tuesday, October 9, 2007

NYC Part 2

More pics of NYC......

The Lighting District is an area in the Bowery section where dozens of stores are packed full of chandeliers and other wonderful lighting fixtures. One is not allowed to take any pics inside the stores but shooting from just outside a propped open front door went undetected.

In the 14th Street subway station there are a number of these cute little bronze statues depicting different scenes of city life. They are 12-16 " tall and are the work of Tom Otterness (click on his name to see all of them).

And another shot of Central Park... a living statue. Jess and I saw many such "statues" in Florence Italy but I think this is the first I've seen in the US. How anyone can stand perfectly still, for so long like this, is quite beyond me.

And this one is of the famed bald eagle's nest a top the curved center window of this house on 5th Ave, right along Central Park. The eagle was out and about (likely somewhere in the Park) but people were nest viewing through a telescope anyway.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fall Trip to NYC

I'm just back from 3 days in NYC... three Fall days according to the calendar but quite summery and in the 80's in NYC! It was a hot but beautiful weekend there.

Yesterday I visited the Farmer's Market at Union Square. A true feast for the eyes. Though I was not in the market for fresh produce as I was on the road, hundreds of New Yorkers were there bright and early to fill their bags.

I also took in 3 tours that were part of Open House New York (OHNY). The first was Gramercy Park where I learned a great a deal about the history of this unique English styled town square including stories about its famous residents past and present. The park is private..only open to those who live abutting it but I snapped some pictures between the bars of the iron fence.

Unfortunately I did not spot either Julia Roberts or Uma Thurmon, both residents of the neighborhood. I also visited the offices of Atelier 10, a green building consulting firm and EverGreene Painting where I met artists and designers who produce works for cathedrals, theaters, state houses and much more.... way too much to write about. You'll just have to check out their site.

Today I spent part of my day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. One my favorite spots was a wonderful courtyard area in Astor Court. The museum's web site states that the court is a unique feature of the Asian galleries modeled on a Ming dynasty (1368–1644) scholar's courtyard in the Garden of the Master of the Fishing Nets in Suzhou, a city west of Shanghai famous for its garden architecture. A gift of the Vincent Astor Foundation, the court opened in 1981.

The roof top garden was also lovely and the view of the NYC skyline over the top of the tall trees of Central Park was extraordinary.

Walking through Central Park was amazing. Tons of families, people of all ages riding bikes, children playing ball, a wedding party taking pictures, people maneuvering the radio controlled sail boats and lots of city dogs enjoying long walks in the shade of the tree lined streets.

Wonderful weekend.......

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

J & B's Garden

Summer's drawing to a close quickly here but we got a few things done on the garden at J & B's house. First is a shot of it when they bought it....lush but chest high with tangled, overgrown weeds and scrubby sumac trees. Second, here it is in mid September. I was able to plant the bottom half of the hillside with 10 shrubs, and 8 shrub roses as well as a couple of dozen perennials and a few dozen daffodil bulbs. It's hard to see it all here, shown in the shade, at the end of the season but hopefully it will be lovely next Spring, Summer & Fall. The stone and pebbles are in the location of the seasonal stream that cuts through the backyard. Should be beautiful with the snow run-off. There is still a large area atop the back hill to clean up and where they plan to put an outbuilding/studio (?) from which to watch the seasons pass. As you can see, there is a great view from out there.

For the very curious, the plantings include: blue spruce tree, walking stick tree, variegated willow shrub, purple leaf smoke bush, burgundy leaf bush, mungo pine, 2 white mountain laurel, red shrub roses, shasta daisies, phlox (3 colors), variegated grasses, primrose, stella doro day lilies, several varieties of iris and others I cannot recall off the top of my head.