Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back to Work!

We are home from Quebec and back to work on the yard & garden (and yes...our "real" jobs as well). The Amherst Garden Tour is in 2 weeks. Yikes!! I finished staining all 175 (+/-) pickets today. What a tedious job. Tomorrow I hope we will get most of the fence up. Stay tuned for more pictures of the fence in the days to come. With all the hot weather the plants are weeks ahead of schedule. I hope there is still something blooming the day of the tour.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ohh...but, before I go!!!

Oh..but before I leave...Let me share a picture of our big stump removal event. We had a huge old apple tree right in the middle of the back yard that was very tall but had hardly any branches and only a few leaves on one section. Branches were falling to the ground and hitting our as you saw below, we finally had to take it down. Then Tuesday the stump removal guy came and ground up the remaining 4' tall and 45 " diameter (at the base) trunk and roots down to 12" below grade. I have never seen this done before. It was very noisy and quite impressive.

Do you like my magnificent Fringe Tree in the background? It sends its amazing fragrance all over the neighborhood this time of year.

Off to Quebec

Just enough time for a quick post.
We're headed up to Montreal for the wedding of our friends Chris & Nathalie and then to Old Quebec. Will post about the trip and more house & garden happenings when I return. Have a good week!