Sunday, February 7, 2010

The main bath......

The main bath here at Sweetside is pretty much done (is any renovation really done???). It was in process for a couple of years. We started the work on the first day we owned the house, ripping out the old shag carpet (yes, shag!), first thing. Ewwww....

. We pulled out the huge old tub and gigantic old vanity and well....everything right down to the plaster walls. ) It now has a great old clawfoot tub, installed here on the diagonal. It was salvaged from a Boston brownstone that was being "renovated." Gotta love Craig's List. It's now painted metalic blue. Most of the room is calming browns and tans so the tub provides the "spark." The soap holder next to the tub is an old dragon smoke stand. It holds a tea light candle set in sea glass, in additon to the bar of soap.

Many of the accessories in the room are from my favorite little used furniture and novelties shop in town, the Trading Post.

Tiling the little bathroom...

For some time now, we've be renovating the little bathroom on the lower level of our house which is where our art workshop is located, as well as the exit to the backyard, gardens firepit, BBQ and so forth.

I am in the final stages of tiling, with Ben's assistance. Yesterday I spent 4 hours working on the floor. There's a dozen or so places that still need special cuts and then it can be grouted. Laying floor tile in this little 6 'X 6' space requires one to be a contortionist. I am stiff today.

Getting pictures in this tiny space is also tricky.
The first pic is the shower head/shower walls, pic 2 is the corner showing the shower base (the curb still needs tiling), and the third pic is the floor where the pedestal sink will be. The floor is the brown tile; the shower walls are parchment color with a row of accent tiles at eye level.

I'm no pro at this but I think it is coming out decently well. Ben will be back later this week and hopefully we'll wrap it up.

Getting ready for backyard parties and summer wedding visitors. Yay!!