Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweetside in Early June 2010

A few pictures of the updates at Sweetside. I used my trusty old Mazda pickup to bring home 3 loads of awesome compost from UMass's Tilson Farm as I established a new bed out front consisting primarily of hydrangea, rhododendron and azaleas. My sidekick Mia kept me company as I hauled and hefted the treasured dirt. Then, our friend Julian was here for several days helping with many tasks including finishing the brick patio that overlooks the southside garden and stream. We've had many heavy rain storms, even some fairly extreme lightening and wind storms so far this month. I could do with a little less rain but I do like walking through the garden after its over. I particularly love the a way the giant hostas collect the water in their many folds.

Sweetside on Google Satellite

Have you ever wondered if your garden is visible on Google Satellite? I had never thought about it but, recently someone showed me Sweetside! This image is from Spring 2009. I can tell the year by the status of certain projects. It is after June 2008, as the fence has been built and the fire-pit is there but one telltale indication is the brick patio, which has stone dust but no brick in the picture. I started the brick June 2009. I also can tell it was early Spring because the magnolia tree is in bloom but nothing is else is yet showing signs of life. Overall, I think ti is pretty cool to see my yard from space, but is just a little bit creepy isn't it??

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sweetside Garden Late May 2010

It may be late May and hence "Spring" but according to my garden we are fully into summer here in Amherst, Mass. As with many gardens in the area mine is about 3 weeks ahead of schedule. The fringe tree, which spans 30'+, was amazing this year, spreading its perfume throughout the entire neighborhood. It, along with my abundant iris are long since gone. My Rugosa roses have passed and the peach climbing rose is fully in bloom as are the clamatis and pitcher plants. The day lilies and water lilies are just starting to pop. We've also been finishing up the brick patio on the south side and are re-grading the BBQ/picnic area out back. Since I missed posting the first round of blooms I will do so here, with more to follow.