Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cabinet of Curiosity- Prompt #3

The Cabinet of Curiosity Prompt #3 was based on the idea of dreams. Not the night-time ones but the ones that encompass things we dream of doing or accomplishing.

This time of year is when I starting dreaming of the warmer, longer days of Spring when I can get my hands back into the dirt and the perennials begin to show their heads once again. This year I am also dreaming of the things I have planned for the new gardens I have been establishing: the water feature, the expanded beds and more.

Here is the 4x6 collage I created with this dream in mind. I'd love to just wander down the path, enter through the tiny gate and wander into this dream.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cabinet of Curiosity- Prompt #2

Prompt #2 for the challenge was "Curiosity"

(( Sorry. I scanned and re-posted this. It is properly rotated on my hard drive but not here and no matter what I do I cannot get it to rotate horizontally))

The challenge was to create a piece using a several step process. In this challenge the steps/ process and sequence was determined by drawing word cards with directives, such as "paint' or "pen" or "paper." I found this was a real challenge for me b/c I usually create my pieces beginning with one idea (picture, word) and flow from there spontaneously. I also ended up with a piece that is fuller and busier than what I usually find myself doing. So, I have mixed feelings about the outcome. That being said, it was a good exercise for me to stretch, and to seek ways to integrate many steps and processes into one piece. So, here is the product of what was truly "experimentation" for me.

I chose the word "Create" as my starting point and my inspiration piece (colors etc) was a picture of a bouquet of pansies. I included a picture of Luther Brubank fairly predominantly. He embodies the word create; he is responsible for the hybridization and proliferation of the Shasta daisy in the late 19th century.

The words on the 4 x 6 piece (in case you cannot read them in the digital pic) are:
"Create" "a five day conversation piece." And: "diverse, interesting, experimentation prevents decay."

Cabinet of Curiosity #1 - EXPLORE!

Something new for me: I am going to try my hand at an art blog challenge - Cabinet of Curiosity. I am a week behind but here is my response to the the first prompt: Explore. This is a 2 piece card set (4x6 each) based on old photos and maps of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- dissected and re-configured and then embellished. I had the opportunity to explore there, for just a couple of days, many years ago and just maybe I will return to explore some more. If I do I would like to more exploration of the beaches (hence the emerald sea reference) and the botanical gardens.

This is a digital pic of my piece, as my scanner is not set up at the moment. The pic doesn't capture it all... the chalk embellishment for instance, just doesn't come thru. Hopefully it will give you the idea.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Experimentation & more.....

This weekend I've been doing a bit of experimenting, making backgrounds for a new tryptic, painting tyvek and also working on an item to be donated to the auction for pups and mew-mews (see previous post). Here's a quick look-see for you. Let me know what you think. I find myself moving between a wide variation of styes from folksy to more edgy. I have also been with making my own stickers using Baird's tiny Xyron & making circles cut with my new Fiskar's circle cutter, as you can see.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Still Creating

I've been working mostly on a 3D piece. It is a wooden purse that I am collaging inside and out. I have in my mind to send it to Bernie Berlin for the art auction to support her dog and cat rescue "A Place to Bark." She has some expensive surgeries coming up on a few of the pets. There's a link to her page if you want to see what I am talking about.

Meanwhile, here is another 4x6 piece I made recently, entiteld: France, inspired by some old maps I had on hand. And another entitled: Angel, inspired by... hmmm... some piece of art I viewed somewhere during the holidays I think.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Art Cards

For some time I have been making 4 x 6" BeDe Cards (more on that later) but recently I have become inspired by ATC's (Art Trading Cards) which are about the size of playing cards. Many are highly detailed, mulit-layered and beautiful collages. Thus inspired I have made a few, tho in keeping with the 4x6" format. Here's one for your viewing.

Title: Mystery Woman
Details: Advertising image painted out with Gesso. Image re-traced in pen and hand painted with acrylics. Entire card covered in sewing pattern tissue paper. Embellished with rubber stamp and ribbons. Accented with hand sewn buttons.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Garden Design #2

Here are a few pictures of the garden I designed and installed on the south lawn of our new house in Amherst. The installation is still in progress as the stream / water feature and steps await arrival of Spring 2007.

House Renovation: Shutesbury

Following are a few pictures of the house renovations I designed in Shutesbury

Overview: Garden Design #1

Following is a visual overview of some of my garden designs in Shutesbury.


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