Monday, December 27, 2010

Skating at Puffer's Pond

Though it was very windy and cold, we had to get to the clear ice at Puffer's Pond before the snow arrived Sunday eve. So, Sunday afternoon found some of us up at Puffer's with the pups. Pictured here is my daughter Jess,
and DinL Lauren, with my pup Mia and Lauren and Aaron's pup, Poppy. Both puppies are from A Place to Bark, in Tennessee. Two of our family's four sweet rescues from the awesome artist - Bernie Berlin.

Christmas 2010

We celebrated a wonderful Christmas here at Sweetside with a dozen family and friends - Baird and I had pumpkin waffles in the morning before the kids and their spouses arrived at noon and we exchanged gifts. About 3PM the kids' in-laws and families arrived a for dinner, desert, a game of "name that tune" with Baird as DJ (game won by Ben) and a walk through Amherst College. No snow on 12/25 but by 12/27....the ground was white.