Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wedding Preparations

A few days before Christmas our son, Aaron got engaged! He and is fiance Lauren will get married in July. This past week we got together and made Save the Date cards. It was lots of fun and they came out really well!

A Day on the North Shore

As one of my Christmas gifts, Jess and I spent a day on the North Shore. It was snowy and blustery but we still made our way out to Woodman's on the Essex causeway. Despite the seawater water flooding the road and a circuitous detour, we enjoyed awesome fried clams and scallops. Then we went to Topsfield where we enjoyed an afternoon at Absolutely Everything learning to make Zentangles.

This Zentangle is by Rick Roberts

Eighth Night BBQ

This year we did our best to celebrate all 12 Days of Christmas. I think we found ways to celebrate most of the Twelve. On Eighth Night we hosted a gathering at our house "Sweetside" putting our new Rotisserie to good use! We roasted chickens over our open fire in the backyard, and cooked up chili and corn muffins as well. Our guests contributed a variety of other items to the table and we had quite a feast!