Sunday, October 12, 2008

Whoa! Where has the month gone??

I am back to teaching at UMass - Commonwealth College - with five courses again this Fall...and..... I have no idea where the past month went!! I do know that this week is mid-term week and my pile of papers "to be graded" grows each day - even tho I grade what can each day the pile doesn't get smaller until late December.

The groggy bees are gathering the last of their pollen. The leaves are turning, the flowers are fading and I unplugged and put away my stream pump today before it gets really cold. I miss the babbling brook already. I'll have to take some pictures of the silenced stream tomorrow! I forgot today.

I know that some time this past month my attic got insulated with icenyne (expanding foam) and that my new gas furnace got installed this past week.

I also seem to recall a trip to NYC for Open House New York! Was that just last week? It was a blast seeing little known places and private homes & studios that you would normally never have the opportunity to view. I just downloaded my 300+ pictures tonight! Here are a few - enjoy!

Pumpkins at a market in the fabulously renovated old Nabisco Bldg in Chelsea. Right near the new Apple store!

"Trailer Park" was one of the many Flux Tour stops we made on Saturday as part of OHNY. It is literally a park in an old trailer, parked in an asphalt "park" in lower Manhattan.

The famous Graffiti Bldg in Queens, just over the river from Brooklyn - an old factory filled with artist studios and covered in spray paint art - "graffiti" which is constantly being worked on.

And a 3 story courtyard garden in a private home/office architectural marvel located in Tribecca.