Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gardening - Put Back into Dream Mode

Well, the "big snow" last Friday re-coated everything in a blanket of white so my plans to dig in the dirt soon are on the back burner again and "gardening" is material for dreams for another few weeks I am afraid. I will pot up some calla lilies this week tho. I've never done that before but they were in a garden that I tend (not my own) last Fall and I decided to dig them and winter the rhizomes over in my cellar. I'll take a few pics and let you know how that project goes.

Meanwhile, I have been helping A. paint his studio space. He should be able to move in there soon. Waiting on some flooring material at this point. The pictures show his bedroom area (2 of the 3 windows) and also close ups of the painted brick and exposed granite in his living room area.

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