Thursday, April 12, 2007

The (Pond) Turtles are Coming!

Having determined that the "livestock" of desire for my upcoming stream and pond are turtles I set out on a journey of research and inquiry. Now, they are coming, next week!

After reading extensively I called the turtle specialists and chatted about the various options. Since I was not in the market for any of their rare and gorgeous offerings, Sara, helped me think through the options for some of their more common but still colorful offerings, as well as ones which will not get bigger than 6-8" since I do not have a huge indoor habitat for cold months. Also, I want to put them outside in June (or when it ever gets warm here) so, I did not want hatchlings (the size of a dime or nickel) but I also did not want full grown turtles (less fun to experience and considerably more $$). Sara arranged for my new babies to be hand picked for me, so that they will all be at least 2" but still at the lower cost. That was so wonderful.

On Tuesday of next week I should be the proud Momma of a baby Yellow Belly Slider turtle, a Mississippi Map turtle, and a Southern Painted turtle. All three types have a reputation for being very sociable. I can't wait to see them.


Jess said...

YAY! Can't wait to see them. What are you going to name them??? 3 names that go together? But then if you loose one it always seems akward. Anyway...surely and mercy are taken. Goodness sounds strange. hmmm

Cabs said...

Thinking of Maude and Maxwell but haven't come up with a third yet. Probably another "M." Those 2 sound turtle-ish to me (no offense if either of those belong to a blog reader... remember I love turtles). Not sure if I will be able to tell what sex they are (at least not for awhile maybe). That complicates things. Maybe I will just pretend they are whatever I name them. Who will know?? lol

Hmmm, maybe Matilda?

Jess said...

I like Matilda...good book too. Can the store tell you what gender they are?