Saturday, December 15, 2007

Season's First Snow Storm

We had the first snow storm of the season this week. I just love the fresh, clean, bright white that sparkles in the sun the next day! Though I prefer the lush green of summer with all the colorful, scented blooms this look is my second favorite.


misty mawn said...

oh, such beautiful pictures! I love the contrast of the red, black, and white. I am excited to go back home st the end of the week and see some snow...but for today the sun is out and it looks like another beautiful snowless day in Virginia.
So glad to hear teaching is going really well. I hope you haven't been too busy with it and are getting some time to just sit and be...always hard this time of year.
Take Care Carol, and Have a most wonderful Christmas with all those you love. Best to you! xoxo

tongue in cheek said...

Snow gives a sense of serenity and calm, like a gentle velvet blanket.

Your photos are a good example of such beauty.