Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let's Put "A Place to Bark" on Top!

There is a national fundraiser going on sponsored by Six Degrees, Parade Magazine and some others. All donations are matched, up to $25,000 and the 4 organizations with the largest number of donors win $50,000 grants! I know there are lots of great causes out there, many of which may be participating in this challenge but I know personally of one fabulous animal rescue in Tennessee run by artist Bernie Berlin. Bernie entered this challenge 6 days ago and has gone from the newbie on the bottom of the list all the way up to #3 tonight!!! There is still over a week to go so... the race is ON!

Please consider making a small donation. The minimum donation is $10 and remember, the contest is for the largest number of donors (not most donations) so every $10 is critically important. The main thing that Bernie plans to do if she wins is build a year round building so she can rescue animals winter and summer.

The picture here is of Lexi, my grand-dog who Bernie personally delivered to Massachusetts right before Christmas. Lexi is an amazing dog and a testament to the wonderful work Bernie does and the happy outcomes for hundreds of dogs and cats who pass thru Bernie's loving hands each year.

To donate, scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page and click on the box that says "donate!"

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