Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stormy Days

We have had day after day (and night after night) of major thunderstorms and high winds for over 2 weeks now. My garden has been holding up OK...tho I lost 2 huge clumps of shasta daisies in full bloom as they were flattened by rain and wind. I count myself fortunate compared to many others.

Just today I took these pictures of our friends' house, right after the most recent storm blew through. Our son is dog sitting while they are kayaking and island camping for a week -- out of cell range! This is what he found when he went over today! Four big maple trees down! He called and we headed over to see what he was describing. By some miracle, the house was not hit, nor either of the 2 sheds.

The first photo is looking at the back of their house with the trees just a couple of feet from the back wall.

The second is what should be looking at the path to their back door! You can't even see the entryway!

One big double-trunk tree was blown over and it took out 2 other big trees on it's way down. All 4 trees are intertwined and hung up on each other. I can't imagine how someone will manage to cut it all down without doing damage to the shed on one side or the house on the other side. It will be quite a challenge.

Their poor dog is fine but he must have been terrified during the storm.


Anonymous said...

Holy Smokes!!!!

Gail said...

Terrible sight for these vacationers to return home to...and weren't they lucky the house was spared. The power of storms is fierce.


Shady Gardener said...

Ohmygoodness! So very glad no one was hurt. It seems that there's been devastating weather all over lately.

joey said...

Glad you're OK ... we've had a crazy summer also. Just removed a huge tree that had fallen in our neighbor's yard. Many uprooted trees in neighborhood during freaky June summer storm and a tornado hit (no damage) while we were at at the lake. Two weeks ago, torrential rains (5 inches in 3 hours) dug huge ruts in our downhill driveway at the lake house and many low level houses were flooded. What's up?

rusty in miami said...

That is why I don’t have big trees around my house.