Friday, April 24, 2009

Fast forward to summer??

My camera died about a month ago but I have a new one now - yay!
Today it is in the 70's and over the weekend it will be in the mid 80's! I guess it is "fast forward" to summer, for a few days anyway.

Here are a few shots of the Sweetside Garden at present.

The magnolia has been in full bloom for over a week now. It fills the neighborhood with it's delicious scent.

Mia is enjoying being outside in the garden with me.

The patio awaits it's brick surface. Sooooon?

Last Friday I cleaned out the stream and pond and we re-installed the pump so it is before May 1 and the stream is running again. The birds love it.

The pitcher plants are waking up in their little bog area.

The fence made it through it's first winter just fine.

The tulips and lilacs are budded and both should be in full bloom soon with all this warm weather.

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