Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Open House New York!

This past weekend I was able to go to NYC for my fourth Open House New York (OHNY) event. The kickoff weekend event was a reception at the penthouse of the Centurion....not in my budget but gorgeous.

My weekend included 2 walking tours- Battery Park City and NYU/Greenwich Village, as well as a talk atop a theater roof, about their living roof (garden) in the East Village and another talk by KleinReid ceramics.

Walking around the city always results in my camera being full of images that grab my attention, from the couple strolling along in their wedding attire to the new construction at the World Trade Center site and the Belgian block streets in the mews at Washington Square.

There's just so much to enjoy in every direction.

Before hopping on the train back home, I checked out the indoor carnival at the Armory on Park Avenue. Filled with little ones and their parents, it was a venue packed with excitement and joy.

Of course any weekend in NYC means great food and this was no exception. Add to that the perfect Fall weather and it was a weekend not soon to be surpassed.

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