Saturday, July 23, 2011

Seek Your Course!

Ever thought it would be fun to take an art course but can't find anything at your level or anything interesting and/or affordable near where you live? Well, let me tell you about an awesome way to do it.


I recently took an art eCourse and it was great fun. The instructor, an artist in England in this case, provided regular input via the her website, including a weekly video clip. The people taking the course did their work and then we shared our efforts with each other via a Flickr photo sharing group. We were able to see each others efforts, comment on them and encourage each other..... as did the instructor. It was great!!

And now there's a way to FIND all kind sof opportunities like this, from photography, to wirtintg and painting or sculpture or fiber arts...the list goes on. There are tons of things available for you to discover by browsing Seek Your Course

If you decide to take one of these art eCourses....please tell me about it!!
And let others know about Seek Your Course.


stephanie levy said...

Yes Carol, I agree - this is a wonderful idea and a great website! Thanks so much for sharing! xo

stephanie levy said...

Your blog is so lovely and charming by the way - I love your blue gate :)