Monday, July 9, 2007

A visitor... and MORE Progress on the Stream

YIKES!!! Four tons of 3" stone is a LOT of stone!

I have spent another 20+ hours on building the stream since my last post.

Below is what it looks like at the end of today. The bio-filter at the top is set except for the large stones that will surround and envelop it. The rocks all along the stream are pretty much in place with essentially no black liner visible, The pond, at the bottom of the stream, is the last piece to be done. I have the liner now but it needs a final digging and clearing out and then I can line it and set all the rocks in place. When all that is done we can set up the pump and christen it. Then I can plant some of the bog and water garden plants. Maybe it will call for champagne??

Today while I was out there working on it a woman came by and asked to come into the garden and take a look. I gladly welcomed her. Turns out she is the co-chair of the Amherst Garden Tours (which benefit the Amherst History Museum) and she invited me to be on the Tour for 2008. Wow! I am willing to do it... but... oh my... will the entire yard and gardens be ready for that? Maybe it will help spur me on??? I am only one year into this new house and yard, tho. I have so any things started and so many things planned. I'll have to see where things are at by late Fall, when they need an answer for the June 2008 Tour.

Here the stream is from the top....
(you will get a better sense of the progress if you compare this picture to the first one in the previous post)

... and from the bottom
( compared to last picture in previous post)

...and the pond at the base, yet to be done.


angela said...

hello! i am swapping to you for the hometown swap at create a connection :) please email me your mailing info. looking forward to putting this together!

lovegreendog (at) yahoo (dot) com

cheers :)

carrie said...

Your motivation never ceases to amaze me, I see where Jes gets it from. The to be stream looks gorgeous already. I am excited to see it when we get back.