Sunday, July 29, 2007

Swaps and more....

I have been trying to participate in one swap per month. This month I am in the Hometown Swap hosted over at Create a Connection. I sent my little pyramid box and other ditties to Melba and they are now posted on the Create a Connection blog. You'll have to check it out there, as I forgot to take pictures before I sent it off. Yikes!! Thx for posting the pic Melba! I am still awaiting my package from the person sending to me, but I will post about it when it comes.

I do stress about the swaps a bit because this is all so new to me, but my pieces have been well received and it is really fun to share art this way. My first swap was a May basket Swap hosted by Artsy Mama, Kari who is now becoming quite famous as her blog is featured in Stampington's new Artful Blogging magazine.

In June I participated in a Charm Swap. I made 27 little clay birds and attached a hand hammered pewter tag to each, that says SOAR. In the end, Mary, who hosted the swap, recirculated the charms and I received back 17 charms made by people from all over the country (and a few international folks as well).

Speaking of people's work in magazines... I am so thrilled that my blog friend Joanna Pierotti has a piece in the latest Somerset magazine! I'm joyous that Joanna has come thru the other side of chemo and is winning her fight against breast cancer. It's fabulous to hear her spirit and see her creative energy re-surging! Big hugs to you, Joanna!!


JoAnnA Pierotti said...

LOVE THOSE BIRD CHARMS Carol. You made them out of clay? That is amazing. Do you have any more? I would love to buy one from you.

Thanks for mentioning me in your sweet you are.


JoAnnA Pierotti said...

hey, it worked! I guess I have to go in and create my user name every time I want to post. It's been so frustrating not being able to post on those using blogger or blogspot.