Thursday, August 9, 2007

A "New" House Project

"Design is my Art"

Not much blogging on my part this week. I've been spending quite a lot of time at Jess & Ben's new place. We have been ripping out walls and ceilings and painting up a storm. Still a lot to do in the next few weeks but it is fun to see it happening. Here's a few "during" pics. In the first one you can see the kitchen cabinets which were dark red and now, in picture #2, are white. The next shows the multiple layers of ceilings in the kitchen (original horse hair plaster, acoustic tiles and wood wainscoting which was nice but falling down due to poor installation). All have been removed, down to the plaster to begin again. The last one is Jess tearing out the remnants of the half wall that divided the kitchen from the eating area. Opening it up and painting the cabinets & all the trim white has made the space feel much larger and brighter. It's going to be AWESOME!

Tomorrow I am off to NYC for a few days to go to the Chelsea Flea Markets as well as fabric, lighting, paper and art supply shops......
Ooooo la la... posts to follow....

next week, I hope to do some gardening in J & B's beautiful back yard!

Stay tuned.


Laurel said...

Hey Carol--

Great pics--and congratulations to Ben & Jess on their new home!

Love the stream--very cool project. You are a busy lady as always. Great Blog!

Take Care,

Alexia said...

I love all your pictures!
I am coming out next weekend to admire the new house and bring an "inspired" present to my fave do-it-yourselfers.