Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Delighted All Around!!

Before I jump right into the latest garden update, let me tell you 2 other things I am delighted about tonight.
I am delighted first about my new newly designed blog. The banner photo is of my pond late last summer. The creative spirit behind the new blog design and banner is my daughter "Jet" who is an artist and an 8th grade science teacher. Two fields that require a tremendous amount of stamina in addition to creativity. She teaches over 100 middle schoolers every day and also hand silk screens and embellishes women's t-shirts and makes furniture from recycled objects. Sound interesting? You can see what I mean at b and j greene".

Thanks Jet!

I am also delighted by Obama's speech today. No matter who you plan to support for President, this speech today is one that is long overdue. The conversation, hard as it may be, needs to be started and our nation needs to find ways to move forward on the issues of race and class. I teach college students who need to understand these complex issues and who need to see my generation leading the way to making progress on these issues. We discuss these matters in my classes. My students mentor children of immigrants right here in our town and partner with highly impoverished people 25 minutes away from bucolic Amherst, in the poorest city in our state and one of the poorest neighborhoods in our country! We must talk and act. Our nation will not be a "white majority" nation for much longer; race and class issues abound. If we do not find a way to walk forward together....then.... divided we will fall.
* Disclaimer: I am fully supportive of Obama's campaign and have been since before he announced he was running. However, I think this matter transcends my support of Obama

Now, on a topic more in keeping with this "design" (mostly garden) blog...
I am delighted that hubby and I raked the leaves off half of my sunny garden beds today and uncovered freshly sprouting perennials. Yeah...Spring really is arriving this week. I am not totally ignoring the forecast for more Wintery mix tonight...Spring still has 2 more days to make her stand!


Claudia L. Meydrech, CN said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi at my Weeds and Seeds Swap blog, I enjoyed your blog as well...it looks like you're about at the same place as we are re green beginning to sprout, my crocuses are blooming, daffodils are up but no flowers yet, everything, almost, is peeking out of the ground, a delightful time of year! Claudia

DebbieTt said...

The new design looks great, although this is my first time so the old one is a mystery to me. Spring is almost here, can't you just smell it? We might receive a little snow ourselves in a few days. Unusual for us, but not surprising.

WiseAcre said...

You caught me just before I headed to bed so I thought I'd stop by and see your new look. I like it a lot. The green tones are nice - guess that's the gardener in me.

Great photo of the pond too. looks like you have some room to put a clump of Yellow Flag Iris in it :)

kudos to your daughter. teaching 100 middle schoolers must be a challenge. My youngest just accepted an offer to teach math at a private school. It's right on the NY - Mass border in Lebanon. I'm proud she is going to be in what I consider the noblest of professions.

Working together on race and class issues should be a matter of enlightened self-interest if nothing else. The fear mongering by the right is scary and makes any progress almost impossible. (end rant before it gets started)

Frances, said...

Love the pond photo, do give us more! Echoing wiseacre and as a former middle school substitute teacher, the most thankless job in the world, I have great admiration for your daughter. She has done a first rate job on the beauty of your blog!

Frances at Faire Garden

Karen said...

I love Maine Coon cats as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your photos and enjoyed your blog. We've been getting quite a bit of rain here in the midwest, hopefully nothing drowns! Spring is definitely in the air!

Shady Gardener said...

Your new design is so nice, especially when it involves your lovely pond! I really enjoy the sound of running water, don't you?

You have a talented daughter! (So do I, you'll have to check my sidebar under "Friends and Family" - Cheryl's Calligraphy... just a little commercial message!) ;-)

I tried listening to Obama. He's a gifted speaker. However, it was incomplete...

Thanks for giving me a visit.
And NOW I recall your search for fences! I may have even left a comment. Anyway, have fun in this endeavor. Make sure you show your final decisions! :-)

Melanie said...

What a professional looking design! I love it, it's classy and warm and friendly all at the same time.

I'm right with you on the speech too :-)

Shnitzle said...


Pam/Digging said...

Your new design is great, Carol. Kudos to your daughter. But that has to be a record for the earliest redesign of a blog. ;-)

I hope you find all sort of green sprouts coming up as spring arrives. I know it must seem an awful long winter up there.

Layanee said...

It is supposed to be the first full day of spring but it is windy and cold! Some sprouts though, just like in your garden! I love your new design and your daughter is to be applauded! I checked out her website! Tell her XL would sell! Looking forward to your garden shots as the season moves ever so slowly forward!

Gail said...

So glad I stopped by...saw your posting at Shady's and she has such good taste in blogs...

Your garden is lovely. I peeked at some archived posts... Talk about looking over the fence into someone's yard. This is such a pleasant way to get to know another gardener and her garden.

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