Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Atelier Unfolds

Our new atelier (workshop) is unfolding!
Our 22 year old son has now moved out on his own (about a half mile away) leaving behind a nice space he had fixed up in our walk-out basement.

It sat for empty for a bit as we adjusted to the empty nest but in recent weeks I have begun to transform it into a creative workshop area.... our "atelier."

I am making the nice space he had renovated into the art & sewing area and transforming the still unfinished section into a space with various works stations for carpentry, wood working, painting, even metal work perhaps???

For those of you who love before pictures...the top 4 are a few taken just as he began to renovate it (2+ years ago)... and the bottom 3 are "now" as I make the inevitable mess that comes with it's current transformation. Hopefully there will soon be some "after" pictures showing some emerging order to the chaos.