Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some new acquisitions

We've been laying the ground work for setting up the new art and project studio space on the lower level of the house; our "Atelier" maybe?

There are several balls in the air for this project from tiling the little bathroom to switching the carpentry area and art areas around, creating more storage and getting a lot of junk out of there! Lots of it was "planned' for January break but since I taught and B went to TN, well, not much happened. So I am working on it in bits and pieces, resigned to the fact that some aspects of it will likely have to wait until June when the semester is over. But then, May and June are the height of the gardening season so I am really trying to make headway during the winter months.

This week I acquired some fun pieces for the art area.

One is this great tabouret I bought from a local artist who is moving to Australia (lucky!!). He built this himself a number of years ago and has obviously used it well. I love the fact that the pigments and medium cover much of the horizontal surfaces. Perhaps some inspiration has been passed along with the piece. There are several great drawers for storage too.

Another section of the studio will be a sewing station. On Saturday I was over in the Berkshires and found this great wood storage cupboard that will help me keep thread and other do-dads organized. came half filled already! I haven't decided if I'll paint it. Likely I will, since it isn't really nice wood and I want to integrate color into the space.

There are a few other additions too but the Super Bowl is on so, I'll share more another day.


wiseacre said...

With winter still holding us in it's grasp I can't blame you for thinking furniture instead of gardens.

Me I'm thinking of burning the furniture. I'm getting tired of cutting firewood.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

These are great, Carol. I am often of mixed minds when it comes to painted furniture, but as you observe sometimes the wood is just not very nice or interesting. I love what you do with it so you're a great inspiration to me!