Friday, October 2, 2009

New job devours the rest of life..but it's GOOOOD!

I have a new job... in addition to teaching (3 courses at UMass this Fall) I am also the Director of Community Service Learning at UMass. I started the new job the first week of August, on 3 days' notice. So, there went my summer. It's great though..... a wonderful opportunity for me and a chance to spread the news about CSL and to hopefully expand on what we have already built at UMass Amherst. I have been setting up the new office (literally) moving furniture in, acquiring computers, getting phone installed, working with a tech person to set up a new web site, setting up social networking, designing brochures name it. I've also been meeting with many people about ways to expand the number of courses and students in CSL and working to expand out community partnerships as well. We held the annual Community Service Fair last week and had an interview with the NYT's the week before Just today the NY Times sent a photographer to one of our Holyoke meetings to get pics to go with the upcoming article in Education Life (out in late Oct). So, life is incredibly the brim and overflowing.... but... it is all good.

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Zebulina said...

Wow! Somehow I missed the news...congradulations! That office has needed someone like you for a long, Loooong time.