Monday, October 12, 2009

Open House New York

Note: click on pictures for larger image!

For the third year in a row I was at Open House New York this weekend. It was a great time, visiting 8 "Open House" sites in 2 days.... and countless others sites along the way like the dog park in Washington Square Park where we socialized for a bit. Some of the OHNY sites were places not generally open to the public like an amazing private residence and other sites are places open but where someone gave a special talk about the design of the place, such as the lighting design for the new High Line, for example. We also had fun with Athena and Trevor, including some great arugula pasta and a meal at the wonderful Oscar's in Brooklyn.

Here's the list: Spice sales at 5th Ave street fair, fountain at Lincoln Center, the Warner/CNN bldgs at Columbus Circle, B & C at High Line, T & A at High Line, street musicians at Washington Square Park, one of our large furry friends at the dog park, roasting corn at Washington Square Park's street fair, Washington Sq. Park arch and pool, B in Edward Hopper's studio, view of Hopper's studio, 2 views of Illy Push Button House (aka a shipping crate that "pops" into a 5 room "house"), 2 views of the kitchen in private residence in Greenwich Village.

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