Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cabinet of Curiosity #1 - EXPLORE!

Something new for me: I am going to try my hand at an art blog challenge - Cabinet of Curiosity. I am a week behind but here is my response to the the first prompt: Explore. This is a 2 piece card set (4x6 each) based on old photos and maps of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- dissected and re-configured and then embellished. I had the opportunity to explore there, for just a couple of days, many years ago and just maybe I will return to explore some more. If I do I would like to more exploration of the beaches (hence the emerald sea reference) and the botanical gardens.

This is a digital pic of my piece, as my scanner is not set up at the moment. The pic doesn't capture it all... the chalk embellishment for instance, just doesn't come thru. Hopefully it will give you the idea.

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ArtsyMama said...

Love the photo and the maps..and the flowers. Very nice work:) So glad you're participating. Can't wait to see more!