Saturday, January 22, 2011

Playing with Red Blue and Yellow

It's about 8 degrees Fahrenheit out there! What better to do on this frigid day than begin Judy Perez's online Color Theory class? I ventured down to my sun-filled studio, cleared off my old slate printer's table, got a out all the supplies and jumped in. I've never worked with Setacolor paints before but they are lovely! I'm really looking forward to using them on fabric. Judy's work - hand painted fabrics - amazes me. Today, I got started by building my color chart with combinations of Red, Blue and Yellow. Such fun you can have with just these 3. I used two red, two yellow and two blues....and look at al the beautiful variations that emerged. Isn't color wonderful? After the chart was completed I had little puddles of color on my palette that couldn't go to waste. So, I painted myself a little bit of Spring. It' a hopeful garden scene for a day like today. It makes me smile.


Anonymous said...

This is what I need to learn/do. Nice!

Amelia said...

colour is so vital isn't it? I sometimes wish I used more of it in my own art work. It's looks great to do something like this just exploring colour so fully! I touch on it a bit on when I do my course.

I have an unexpected evening here at home with my youngest in bed and I keep finding myself in all these unexpected wonderful places in blogland.

Happy creating - it really does make the world go round!