Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Until next year......

Taking down the Christmas tree is always bitter sweet... sweet because it is a time to recall all the memories, from this past Christmas as well as the decades of Christmases that have gone before. Many of our ornaments have been with me for years, like the little blue snowman that I received when I was in kindergarten in the early 60's (yes, I am really that old!). Quite a few were acquired when our children were young, though many of "their" ornaments have followed them to their homes now that they are both married and have their own trees to decorate. Some of the ornaments here have joined us since we moved to this house, 4 years ago. The "bitter" part comes because I am putting them away for yet another 11 months or so. There are a couple of my birds that I leave out year round but most of these sweet little memory prompts are now packed away, with dozens of Christmas balls and other decorations - safely tucked into the attic until some time after Thanksgiving 2011. Goodbye little treasures, until next year.

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