Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day in Amherst Mass.

Finally we have snow! I think this may be the largest snow fall we have had in some years.... looking at at least 20" in my driveway. We took a couple hour stroll through town, stopping at the Freshside for lunch. Quiet, peaceful and absolutely beautiful! A sampling of the 100+ pictures I took include: our house (Sweetside), Emily Dickinson's statue (her house is in our neighborhood), me standing in front of a huge snow pile in town that appeared over night, the beautiful Congregational church across the street from us, our snow covered deck, view from our living room bay window (a maple), snowy bench and info center on the town common, our puppy, Mia, on Main St, view headed into town from our house and a couple of pics of the Snow Alien in my garden (aka, the spot light that illuminates the large wreath on the side of the house).


Anonymous said...

Love these! Especially the light in the snow at the end.

Rosie Perera said...

Great photos! Makes me realize it's time to get back to my photo blog which I've left dormant for too long.