Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hartford = Elizabeth Park & Mark Twain House

Today we took a trip to Hartford, CT. Now for many people the response to that comment would be -- WHY?? Hartford is not the best known city in New England for it's touristy sites but it has some things well worth visiting. Today we took in 2 of those: Elizabeth Park and the Mark Twain House & Museum. Both were spectacular!!

Elizabeth Park has many beautiful gardens but it's splendid rose garden is at its peak right now and with thousands of plants, some over 100 years old -- and, well -- it is quite a sight to see. And the tour guide was wonderful! This weekend is the Rose Festival there and I highly recommend it, if you live anywhere nearby.

The Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) House in Hartford, pictured below, is also amazing The architecture, interior details, hand painted walls and ceilings by Tiffany's and the amazingly detailed restoration of the property over the past 20 years is absolutely incredible. The museum building, built 3 years ago also has a lot to offer. Harriet Beecher Stowe's house and museum is next door but we had to save that for anther day.

Dinner-time found us in West Hartford at a little spot there called Arugula, that we discovered a few years ago. Tonight we sampled the flatbreads (thin, thin, crispy pizzas) -- Baird trying the duck one and me the scallop one. Fantastic!!!


Alexia said...

I've been to Elizabeth Park and the rose garden. It's amazing. There is this AMAZING bakery called Mazzacattos (I don't know if the spelling is right) in the Italian section- you should check it out!

Cabs said...

Yay...someone else who likes Hartford! I'll look for the bakery next time I got to Eliz. Park. I love Italian bakeries!!