Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Todd Farm Flea Market

This past Sunday I found myself and daughter Jess out in Topsfield, MA at the Todd Farm Flea Market. Wow! It was great. We had so much fun looking for deals and steals and found quite a few. One such deal was this retrofitted chair.
I know it doesn't look like much in the picture but this is a chair from the 19th century. Walter, the older gentleman who for almost 3 decades kept the Todd Farm Barn open 24/7, got to telling me a story about a barn in Boxford that he cleaned out 37 years ago. He described an old chair that the farmer had retrofitted to be his milking g stool for many years. Walter, who is in a wheel chair these days, had let Jess get out the old wooden ladder and climb into the loft to rescue the base of an old trestle table for a project of hers. That accomplished, she rummaged around the loft and found the milking chair he was describing. If for no other reason than the sentimental story behind it, I wrangled a deal and brought home the milking stool.
I will be cleaning it up and sliding it under my coffee table for a non-milking stool. I also brought home a silver plate ladle and a copper oil can which I will use for one art project or another. We gathered many small finials and other metal pieces for future assemblage projects and a host of other small items too long to list.

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