Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Weekend Festivities

And.... we partied on! Sunday afternoon several friends joined my family and we had a fantastic Sweetside BBQ! The sun was shining and the shade was sweet. The BBQ'ed meats were sumptuous (thx Beno!) and the side dishes, wine and the fresh cut flowers brought by friends all combined to make it a most special day.

Oh yes! And that chocolate raspberry cake from Donatello's was to die for. We made fast work of polishing that off!

The garden related gifts and gift certificates to some of my favorite local garden centers are so much appreciated. I will have lots of fun with those.

And then....tada! There was this magnificent "shrine" made for me by my daughter, Jess who teaches 8th grade science and on top of that, is such a wonderful artist. No picture can do justice to her creativity but it may give you some idea. There are many levels of wood and metal, mostly recycled items. Layers of paint and pen and old pictures of me and my parents and siblings over the past 50 years. There are parts that move and doors that open to reveal more doors that open to reveal other treasures.

And still to come.... down the road, one day, you will see pictures of my water garden... when it is completed... and that will represent in part the gift from my son, Aaron who will be helping me realize that long awaited dream. Let the boulders roll!

The day ended with a few of us walking up to the new Robert Frost statue on the Amherst College campus and then getting pizza from... where else??? Antonio's!

What a wonderful BD!
Thanks Baird, Aaron, Jess , Ben and everyone!!

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