Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I am working on painting a huge wooden watering can for my garden. I have repainted it and now am looking for one or more garden, water, earth, flower related poem(s) to letter onto it.

Some may remember that last month I got this plywood piece through Freecycle and it was painted dark blue. It is 6' x 4' at it's widest points. There are 2 identical pieces that get screwed together to give it some depth and then it is held into the ground, at an angle, by a large stake. Several wires come out of the spout , like water. The sky (background) color of the piece is bird's egg blue (looks white here but it's not).

So, any suggestions for what to letter on it?? Leave a comment (or email me) with an author, title or searchable line from your pick.


Carol said...

Hi Carol!
How about: One is never closer to paradise than in a garden?

Cabs said...

Thanks Carol! I like that saying. In fact I have it on a stepping stone in my garden already. Nina Bagley sent me a poem. I may use that.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love yours.