Friday, April 11, 2008

First Spring Visit to Emily's Garden

As some of you may know, or recall from previous posts, I live 2 doors up from the home of Emily Dickinson, which is now a museum.

I've recently become inspired to visit her garden weekly and chronicle it's changes over the coming months, here on Terra Nova Design. To that end, I went the other day and took pictures of the early Spring at Emily's. Here are a few of the views to pique your interest. Enjoy!

They are: One of me, sitting with "Emily." Snow drops along the garden path. A view of the house from the garden. And the sky as seen through the branches of a giant tree that Emily would have viewed from her window and under which I imagine her lying in the shade watching the leaves blow in the breeze of the warm summer days.


Layanee said...

This will be a fun post to follow! You and Emily have the same hair profile! Love your truck. You've gotta have a truck!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Oh, good! Emily is one of mine and the Diva's favorites.~~Dee

George Africa said...

Hello Cabs;

I like the idea of documenting at the museum. A landscaper I know up this way has been doing some work for a couple years at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont. She is trying to document what was planted way back when and then recreate the gardens while repairing damage and neglect which has occurred over time.

Potential for a book? Fund raiser? Public Interest article?

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener

rusty in miami said...

Great idea, I am looking forward to your future posting

Pam/Digging said...

This is a fine idea. Enjoy your chronicling. I look forward to watching the seasons progress in Emily's neighborhood.

Mary Schier said...

This is a wonderful idea! I'm a garden editor, blogger, and did a master's thesis on juvenile biographies of ED, but I've always loved her garden poetry. I'll be checking back all summer.