Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Visit #2 to Emily Dickinson's Garden

Today marked my second visit this Spring to Emily's garden.

As I strode along the granite stepping stones toward the garden I could see there were no striking changes to report. The snow drops have passed and the crocus are on their last.

The tulip leaves are quite tall, but no tulip buds are yet visible -- perhaps next week.

The shaded granite bench in the far corner of the garden looks to be a pleasant place to rest and ponder come the heat of summer, but for today, the entire area awaits it's Spring cleaning.

My magnolia tree, 2 houses to the west, has begun to bloom. The shaded one at Emily's Homestead, though covered in buds, has not yet burst to reveal its gentle petals. And the lilac hedge separating the carriage house from garden is lightly tipped with green. In another few weeks I imagine it, laden with blooms.


Benjamin Vogt said...

You live two houses away from Emily's? How cool is that (see, I'm a poet and English teacher in college, so, well, it's pretty darn neat). Thanks for the pics.

Cabs said...

Yes indeed...Emily's house is 2 doors to the east of mine. AND... in addition to that... the house in between is her brother Austin's home called the Evergreens. It is too being turned into a museum. Both buildings are owned by Amherst College, which is adjacent to the properties.

Jean Ann said...

Beautiful pics...I am a social worker too...maybe that is why I love plants and gardening so much...just my nature to nurture...