Saturday, April 5, 2008

My New Garden Tool

There are many useful garden tools in my garage but one that had been missing for some years was a truck. Yes, a truck. I am not one to buy a couple bags of compost and a few bags of bark mulch and call it a summer. I tend to buy mulch and compost by the truckloads and plants and shrubs and..... well you catch my drift.

My trusty Honda Civic has been a pretty good little "truck" and has carried way more that its share of garden stock but this year, with the garden tour slated for June and some bigger projects in store, we decided it was time the family had a truck again. So over the past 2 weeks we have been looking at and test driving an array of such vehicles. On Friday we brought home this Mazda. The extra cab and 4WD are luxuries but I am sure we will out both to good use. I'll be sharing the truck with my 21 year old son but something tells me that much of the summer, he'll be driving the Civic and I'll be gardening with the truck.


joey said...

Looks like a fun summer with your 'new garden tool', Carol. Wish you lived closer. You'd be a fun neighbor ... I'd hitch a ride since I find myself 'coming & going', stuffing my SUV (now an Acadia) to the hilt! And what to do with the trees ???

elarsix said...

true true, great photo :)

Ewa said...

that's really funny, truck ehe as garden tool - that shows your great imagination - not every one is able to stretch the term 'garden tools' on cars :)
and yes - you will have a lot of space to carry stuff :)

Pam/Digging said...

I'm envious of your new truck. I'd love to have that hauling capability!

WiseAcre said...

Now you're going to need:

A good long bar
A come-along
30 feet of chain
2 ramps made from 2 x 4s
Some rollers (fence posts cut to about 3 feet lenght.

Then the next time you won't have to drive by that 1000 Lb. boulder you've had your eye on.

apple said...