Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Art for the Garden

Ah ha! This is a combination art and garden project! On freecycle I found a large watering can cut out of plywood. It is 6' at it's widest and 4' high. It is actually 2 identical "cans" screwed together with 2"X3" spacers in the center, to give it a little 3-D. It is made with a stake at the bottom to stick into the ground so the watering can is tipping and then a cluster of wires "spill" out of the spout, like water. I took it apart and am painting the insides black (to protect it) and the outsides Bird Egg blue. Then I am going to hand letter and decorate it in the style of Howard Finster. In the end, it will go in my main garden, along the edge of(slightly under) my large lilac hedge, for all to see. For those of you who know Finster's Garden, don't worry, I am not turning my whole garden into a Finster inspired garden... just one piece (for now ).

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