Friday, May 25, 2007

Old Friends & Big BD's

This is my "old" friend Nancy and her husband, Tim, when we visited them at their cabin last Fall. Nancy and I are celebrating a BIG BD year this year...something over 21 and under 65. Now, we are still young... but...... Nancy is my "oldest" friend. My first recollection of playing with her is age 5, swimming at Plunkett Lake in Hinsdale, MA but we had met before that, according to my mom. Anyway, we were very close friends thru-out our school years and have managed to stay in touch in the decades since even tho we live many hours apart. Her BD is exactly one month before mine.

I recently made her this "house" for her BD. She's received it now, so I can post pics :-)
The image on the front is a picture of my maternal grandmother, Iva Cain and her good friend taken around 1905. She was born in 1885. Along the "roof" I stamped "It takes a long time to make an old friend." And..... that's the truth!

Happy BD Nancy!

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