Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hidden Gardens of Boston Revealed

<< MORE pics below>>

For just one day each year a dozen of the "Hidden Gardens" of Beacon Hill in Boston are revealed; the doors are opened for the annual Beacon Hill Garden Club Tour. And, every year, it is amazing! This year only Mindy & I went, as Jess and Cheryl couldn't make it. We had a great time, though it was quite chilly. Walking all over "The Hill" seeing twelve gardens in about 3 hours. To see some of these gardens you actually have to go through the homes to the back yards. Seeing the inside of those homes is always an added treat.
Here are a few shots, of us and of the gardens, and even one fabulous cobblestone driveway. Beacon Hill has a lot of brick and cobblestone walks and roads, as well as real gas light street lights that stay on 24/7. There are hilly, narrow streets, surrounded by tall brownstones and winding little alleyways between the buildings. There is an abundance of Boston Ivy and English Ivy, climbing and bush Hydrangea and Wisteria in full bloom that climbs up 4 or 5 stories. All of the plantings are shade tolerant varieties as the buildings and some larger tress block much of the sunlight. It is amazingly secluded and peaceful, smack in the center of the state capital, in the shadow of the gold domed State House. The whole experience is like walking into a old world European city. I hope you can get just a little glimpse of that here.

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ArtsyMama said...

Thanks so much for letting me know about your pics. They are absolutely gorgeous!!! Such a lovely time. How wonderful:)

katie said...

Thank you for sharing your Boston gardens tour in photos, how beautiful! I've never been to Boston but I look forward to going there one day.

Leslie said...

Thanks for the tip, Carol ! What a WONDERFUL set of photos.

Genie said...

That cobblestone driveway is to die for -- I love it! Great set of pictures. I've been to Boston twice, but never gotten to poke around Beacon Hill like this. Thanks for sharing these pictures!