Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sweetside Backyard Progress

Made some major progress over the past 2 weeks on our back yard. I got one section filled in and leveled off (many many wheelbarrow loads!), covered with landscape fabric and then covered with 25 bags of bark mulch. The path around to Aaron's door is covered in pea stone and some perennials are in place. Makes the whole place look better... or at least makes me "feel" like it looks better! This are is also right outside (and one level below) my living room bay window, so it improves the view from there as well. In the background you can see the old metal cabinets that Aaron is refurbishing for his "kitchenette" space. He'll be getting back to that project once his semester is done (another 2 weeks). One of several in projects in progress at Sweetside -- but -- still, we have made a lot of progress in the 12 months we've been here.

This week I begin 3 paid gardening jobs, so I will have less time to work on my own, but, there is still plenty to do!

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