Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lecturing & Trying to Make a Difference

Sorry for the days of "nothing new" on Terra Nova Design. I have been lecturing a lot.... teaching 5 courses at UMass this semester! That and trying to "make a difference" as I set up all the students in 4 of my courses with community organizations, doing community service as part of their course work. I do love it though! The initial weeks of the semester are especially taxing with all the set up. But then, I'll be busy with grading all the papers after that! None-the-less, I will make every effort to post regularly and to document the arrival of Spring at Sweetside Garden. Tomorrow however, it is more snow, I am sorry to report. Hope you are having a good week in your part of the world!

Wasn't the lunar eclipse beautiful last night?

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kate said...

You lead a busy life from the sounds of it. Your students will benefit from your help in getting them matched with community organisations.

The snow just doesn't seem to want to end there. It won't be long though for you.

I think it's great your garden will be featured in the annual garden tour. That is wonderful!

I enjoyed reading about Amherst - it sounds like a beautiful and interesting place to live.

I agree - the lunar eclipse was wonderful. It was -26c here so we kept running out for a bit and racing back inside. The cold gave the moon a very strange, hazy look.

We still have many weeks of winter to go, but the really bad stuff is over - thankfully.

I am so glad that I found your blog. It will be on my regular reading list now! Thank you...