Saturday, February 9, 2008


In case you have any doubt... let me assure you... this person IS the one for the US and the World at this precarious time. He is the one who has the vision and the compassion, and the integrity and the over riding capacity to bring this Titanic of a country around before we hit the iceberg straight on. If your state has yet to vote in the primary, please listen to this man. Please drop whatever litmus test you have and just open your heart and mind up to Barak and seriously consider taking that Democratic ballot in your hands and confidently fill in that bubble or mark that "X" next to the name of the one and only, Barak Obama. If you are registered Democrat and cannot vote in the Democratic primary, then go ahead and cast your vote for McCain or Huckabee BUT talk to your Democratic friends about him...and be prepared to cast your vote for him in November.

Yes we CAN!

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Gina said...

i am so shocked and thrilled to see an obama post on a gardening blog! i live in illinois so of course im a fan. i want a sign for my yard!