Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spring Fever

I know I am crazy..... it is too early for spring fever in New England but I soothed my longings by spending waaaaay too much time yesterday getting inspiration from the internet world. I spent quite a while reading the step by step summary (with tons of pictures) of the making of this Japanese garden and tea house in the UK. I have always loved tea houses and hope one day to have a tea house tucked in one corner of my backyard.


WiseAcre said...

I'm inspired by Japanese Gardens too. I love the look and feel. But then any garden that has stone and water makes me feel good.

I'll go along with the tea house as long as there's a cooler full of beer in it. Most of my ideas seem to come out of a bottle in my Beer Garden.

misty mawn said...

oh how wonderful it would be to have a tea house in your own back yard... sigh..someday i want that! ;-)
it does seem way to early for spring, but today i saw the crocuses blooming in our yard... such a beautiful site to see such intense color this time of year.