Saturday, February 2, 2008

Obama Rally in Amherst

This wet and cold February morning I joined a crowd just up the road from my house at a rally for Barak Obama. Governor Patrick Deval was here to speak as were our state reps. Super Tuesday, and the primary here in Massachusetts, is in 3 more days. I have never helped at a phone bank before but I will this afternoon. I'll be doing whatever I can to bring out the voters for Barak. I believe he can win and I want to do whatever I can to be sure that the "change" that comes to Washington in 2009 is change brought on by someone who is not only brilliant and a dynamic leader but someone who is "real", an authentic unifier and a person of deep character... someone that I can trust, respect and be proud of on a national and international level. That person is Barak Obama.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful entry Cabs! I second and third that sentiment. love, Athena

misty mawn said...

yes, yes, yes!!!