Monday, February 11, 2008

On Tour!

I am flattered and already anxious but it is Sweetside garden will be on the Amherst Annual Garden Tour, June 28, to benefit the History Museum. My condition was that is has to be clear in the write up that this is phase one... a 2 year old garden that was designed and installed by the home owner (ie: it is not a well established, mature garden installed by a big award winning landscape designer like some of last year's gardens). I hope the Winter is good to my plants this year! Thankfully I will have some family and friends who will help me get things looking presentable. Here you see it a couple of weeks ago.... and last summer.


WiseAcre said...

I had to return and comment on the stream. I don't find it hard to believe you hauled most of the stone in a Honda Civic. You're not crazy - just stoned. Who says you need paint and brushes to be an artist? The stream garden is a piece of landscape art.

June 28 is a long way away. I'm going to try remembering to go out of my way to visit. I can't help wanting to meet someone with both a perennial and stone passion. I'm adding you to my blog roll hoping for a timely reminder as the tour nears.

Cabs said...

Thanks! I hope you do come for the Tour. If so, please be sure to introduce yourself. I am quite intimidated by the idea of having my fledgling garden on display but hopefully people will enjoy it and appreciate it for what it is.