Friday, August 1, 2008

Little Feet in the Garden!

Last Sunday my mom's 85th birthday party was held at Sweetside. Twenty-seven members of my immediate family were here, including all 8 of her great-grandchildren. It was hectic (especially when the huge thunderstorm blew in!) but so much fun to see everyone here and especially to see the little children enjoying each other and playing in the garden! The stream was a huge hit as one might expect. Children and water...they seem to go hand in hand.

Jess took almost 300 pictures, mostly close ups of various family members which will be wonderful for everyone to have. Here are just a couple that show the garden in full use.

Sigh..... aren't the rewards of digging in the dirt just splendid?

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Gail said...

there is nothing quite like a family celebration with all the babies...Babies at any age! Your mother must have been delighted to have her family help her celebrate her 85th birthday. The garden is lovely.