Sunday, August 3, 2008

Private Gardens in Stockbridge & Lenox

Today was the Garden Conservancy's Open Days in the Berkshires so B and I journeyed west an hour or so to see what they had to "say" to us.

In short --all four of today's featured gardens were absolutely stunning!!
On view today were: the Brown Garden, the Fitzpatrick's Hillhome, the Garden of 1826 Pease-Lincoln House (gardens designed by sculptor Daniel Chester French, of Lincoln Monument fame) and Foothill Farm (near Tanglewood).
This last home & garden held a personal surprise for me but that will have to wait a few days as I want to share one garden & house at a time so as to not rush through it.

Tonight I will begin with the first garden we viewed -- the Brown Garden in Stockbridge. The blurb says the house was built in 1823 and sits on 25 acres. The current gardens have been in development since 1980.

As one comes down the pea-stone driveway you glimpse the first of the wonderful Berkshire Hills views.

To the right is the house with impressive marble steps at the main entrance and a wide, enclosed porch that wraps around 3 sides of the home.

The south side overlooks the well landscaped backyard with its Berkshire Hills views. It is dressed in crisp blue and white stripped awnings. A sweeping double staircase leads from the house, through the porch and down to the garden.

Behind and below the house is a walled garden, more formal in style and beyond that, slightly downhill to the south and to the west, are additional, beds.

To the west of the house is a well landscaped and very natural looking swimming pool, a small water-garden feature, a stone BBQ pit and a putting green.

There is a hot tub in the circular open porch (behind the BBQ 9n the picture) with gorgeous views.

The wrap around enclosed porch is home to several cozy seating areas and displays of luscious potted begonias. Tucked away on the north side of the porch is even a ping pong table! I spotted a dart board as well. In addition to greta aesthetics, someone at the Brown House apparently has a playful spirit.

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our tour - the Brown Garden in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Come again soon to see Parts 2, 3 & 4 of Garden Conservancy's Open Days in the Berkshires.


Salena said...

Nice pics!! Love those gardens in the photos.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and why didn't I go? Oh, too much gardening to do! Glad you checked the gardens out for the rest of us and I will look forward to the upcoming posts!

Layanee said...

Sorry, that was not supposed to be anonymous...Layanee at Ledge and Gardens

Gail said...

Really lovely gardens!

Wurzerl said...

How wonderful I can visit with you private Gardens in Stockbridge & Lenox. In my next post you will see pictures from my garden trip in the south of England!
Your photographs are very interesting for me and I' m waiting to see more garden posts!!!
Have a great week Wurzerl

joey said...

Oh how I wish I could have joined you, Carol, but your lovely photos and text ... the 'next best thing'! How wonderful that we have you as a tour guide!