Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Private Gardens of Stockbridge & Lenox - Part II

The second garden we toured as part of the Garden Conservancy's Open Days last Sunday was also in Stockbridge, just down the road a piece from the first one -- Fitzpatrick's Hillhome. This estate was designed in 1918 and the gardens were created from 1933-1935. This location of this garden is stunning! Perched on a hillside with a westerly view of the Berkshire hills, the heavily terraced property has fabulous views and oodles of stonework, to which I am particularly drawn.

As you come down the curvaceous driveway you see the front of the house and hear the lovely sound of water trickling in the fountain across from the front door.

To enter the rest of the property you must pass through a doorway in the brick wall.

Step through this passage and you have enterred a gardner's paradise! To the left there is a long lawn edged on one side with large yews and on the other with a delightful border garden.

An opening in the far hedge with the hint of a brick structure draws one to adventure across this lawn. Upon arriving at the brick covered terrace structure one discovers a lower terrace with a fountain (shown here) and a upper terraced swimming pool (behind & above the covered terrace in this picture)

From the fountain area there is a pea-stone path leading back towards the house, down one terraced level from the main lawn. From here you can view the house up to your right.

As you continue along you come to a fork in the path -- to the left you wind steeply downhill to a lily pond under a willow.

The right path takes you over to the east side of the house where there is a folly resembling an old ruin.

The stones were carried here piece by piece from an old mill that was being dismantled in West Stockbridge.

Exiting the folly one comes back to the terraced lawn just behind the house with comfy chairs for relaxing and taking in the peaceful vista.

Lemonade and cookies were also provided!


Gail said...

Beautiful with the mountains beyond. Any place with either a folly or a ruins is tops in my opinion! The stone is wonderful.. .I wonder if it was quarried nearby when the mill was built! Thanks for a great tour!

Michael said...
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WiseAcre said...

I've just returned to the blog-o-sphere too and catching up with my visitors.

I was just informed yesterday that I will be moving furniture to Darrow by Saturday at the latest. Looking at the weather I'm going to push for tomorrow (Thursday) and hope we slip between the rains.

Everything is still up in the air so I'll have to get back to you later. Right now it looks like my only window of opportunity to stop by will be late Friday morning. I'll have at least one more trip to make. If it doesn't work out this time there will be others this month. You'll get as much notice as I do :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the virtual tour. James Taylor lives around there. I hope he saw these lovely gardens. I think the whole idea of the Open Days is fabulous. Maybe I'll buy the USA Open Days guidebook next year. I think it's free when one joins the Garden Conservancy.